Happy New Year 2012

Well its almost 7 days since new year, anyway i will start of wishing Happy New Year to all my blog readers. The past year has been a tremendous one for me and my blog we had been posting articles regularly and we got good amount of traffic and we also got feedback's on how the blog should be, and what articles to be posted. So at this moment i would like to thank all my blog readers for there continuous Support and Encouragement

However lately i have not been able to post articles @ Hackaholic, But during my absence Srinivas has been doing a great job posting some excellent articles and answering some of our reader's questions and doubts  , So i would like to thank him Specially  for the precious time and energy he spent 

Every New Year we take some resolutions, I have also take some resolutions for 2012, One of them is to keep this blog alive and post articles regularly. In this year i have lots of goals to achieve some of them are listed below

  • Open Guest Posting Officially @ Hackaholic
  • Relaunch My YouTube Channel
  • Write A Book on Hacking - For beginners 
  • To Write about the latest happenings in the field of security in Weekends 

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