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Hi guys, Its been a very long time since i wrote an article at the main reason for this is, I've been busy building  my new website

Know all about Chameleon Virus

The past few days there's been a lot of buzz about a virus called Chameleon with spreads like common cold, between Wireless Access Points . Chameleon is the product of the University of Liverpool’s School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Electronics and shows for the first time that WiFi networks can be infected with a virus that moves through the air, jumping from access point to access point.

Analyzing Beacon Frames Using Wire shark - Part 6 of Wireless Hacking Series

7 Computer Security Protocols that should be Mandatory

Computer security entails protecting of the computer and the computer software from data loss, destruction and authorized access. There are several computer protocols put in place to ensure that chances of above mentioned are reduced or totally eliminated, they include practices carried out or installation of certain software or programs on the computer to enable and improve security.

802.11 Wlan Packets - Part 5 of Wireless Hacking Series

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