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Android Hacking And Penetration Testing Course Launched With Special Discounts for 101Hacker Readers

We are happy to announce the launch of our  course "Android Hacking and Penetration Testingat JSinfosec.com .

About The Course


The course will focus on the tools and techniques for testing the Security of Android Mobile applications. During the course, you will learn various topics such as Android architecture,Android security model, Android Application Pen testing and Exploitation, Reversing Android applications,static and dynamic analysis of android malware etc. After finishing the course you will be able to carry out a Penetration Test on a Android device and its applications. To get more in depth details, Please download our course syllabus from the following link

Android Hacking And Penetration Testing Course Promo

Hi guys, we will be launching  our new course "Android Hacking and Pen-testing" at JSinfosec.com very soon hope you guys will like it

Android Hacking And Pen testing  Course Promo

Launching Our New Website JSinfosec & 101hacker's Future plans

Hi guys, Its been a very long time since i wrote an article at 101hacker.com the main reason for this is, I've been busy building  my new website Jsinfosec.com

Know all about Chameleon Virus

The past few days there's been a lot of buzz about a virus called Chameleon with spreads like common cold, between Wireless Access Points . Chameleon is the product of the University of Liverpool’s School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Electronics and shows for the first time that WiFi networks can be infected with a virus that moves through the air, jumping from access point to access point.
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