My Recent Experience With Workshops (Hacking) - A True Story Part 2

I guess many people have been waiting with lots of  alacrity for the details of cybercure attack. Finally i am here with you to share my experiences in "WORKSHOPS ON ETHICAL HACKING"

I give some good marks to this guy when compared to our earlier workshop. I kept the way he taught aside. He tried to show atleast few attacks like Wireless Hacking, Reverse Engineering. Still i wanted to write this article since he made many script kiddies over there in the workshop and he didnt teach above 50% of course contents that he had placed in his website. In many workshops, it has been becoming a fashion to show off with VOIP hacking. They are placing it in their contents, showing off in the workshops but not teaching how to do. They are simply saying, "we are not going to teach VOIP hacking. Except this, we will teach everything". then why the hell do they show off.

Workshop details:
  • Workshop fee  1100/-
  • Trainer- A guy from
  • Course content- you can see at their site.


Email attacks and keylogging

He started the workshop with introduction. His introduction was really good with some examples on why hackers are needed. I thought he would do some wonders in the workshop. Then he started email attacks by sending fake emails. he has given some websites like for that. Then he started phishing.

The real fun was started here. He has given a PHP link whose PHP file is hosted on their website. He asked to place that link in the html page's "action" part and also suggeted to send the html page as an attachment.  My point is, if he deletes that PHP file from his website, those people will become noobs. It means they should use website if they want to do phishing. (He didnt mention the word "free web hosting sites" atleast once in the whole workshop).

then started fun with keyloggers.He said the biggest drawback with keyloggers is we cannot install them remotely. (You can clearly unserstand that there was no demo on Remote Keylogging. Atleast he didnt mention it.


Operating System Hacking (Dont expect too much)

After hearing the above heading, i thought he was going to dig the operating system vulnerabilities. I was shocked at the end of this session. Because, its all about password recovery,hiding folders and steganography using command prompt. the attraction in this session is, he used to call all those concepts attacks.(i dont know what he has attacked by hiding folders :p).
 Calling password recovery OS HACKING is really funny.


Virus,trojans,website hacking,Google Hacking

If you compare the session wise topics, you can come to a conclusion of what he did teach in this session. Only OS HACKING :p one complete session.
All these topics- one session

Virus- he told some batch file codes
trojans- skipped
Website Hacking- simple SQL injection (x' or 'x'='x) on few sites, No advanced injection.
He has shown the website of bipasabasu and said it has a direct upload option where we can upload shells right from the client side.(URL is hidden). I asked him to show us the URL. He said NO.

Then,  opened some terrorist website and shown a vulnerability of Directory Traversal Attack(No basics, even i didnt understand how it works).
I was really dissapointed with website hacking. He hadnt given any concept(how it works) to any method except simple sqli. The most funniest thing in this session is he has spent equal time on both website hacking and Google hacking.

Wireless Hacking and Reverse Engineering

To be frank, this is the only session where he had given some advanced content. He has shown WEP cracking with BackTrack5 and shown  reverse engineering by cracking perfect keylogger.
But shit always happens. He said we cant crack WEP from Virtual Box.

Crazy Guyzz

After the workshop four guys were discussing. One said "Workshop was really great, i will hack my friend's email id today itself". i went to him and asked him "what will you do if our trainer removes the link from his website?". He was stunned :) . because he doesnt know what to do if he deletes the link. Many People know how to attract the students. Still i dont blame our trainer, but i expect them to teach the original content.

Finally the organizers asked anyone to speak about the workshop. I went on to the dais and praised everyone whole heartedly,because they did a great job. Finally, i called our trainer and said "Please remove the contents from your website that you are not going to teach in your workshops". He has changed his expression which resembles depression :) .

My Small Message
This article is not to say that our trainers dont know anythng. Really, they have the stuff to teach. But the only thing is, they wont share. That is up to them .We have no rights to ask them to share the things. But when people are paying, they should get the fruits too. If teaching hacking increases the crime rate, what should we call charging money without teaching.?? Please think of it and give the best to the aspirants.

About the Guest Author:
This article is written by Mr Srinivas, He owns Hackinginception where he writes articles related to hacking .If your interested in writing a guest post @Hackaholic please contact me

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Jasnan said on January 12, 2012 at 4:01 AM :

Nice post. I already know some of these kind of workshops and training centers in kerala. All these stupid hacking courses will keep coming in every summer vacation time. They dont even know the concepts of networking. All they provide some scripts (dont ask them how to use these script..because they are not even script kiddies).

honestly speaking, i learned some hacking methods from this websites even though i found no success with some of those Facebook hacking using fire sheep.

I appreciate the author for sharing his knowledge and spending his valuable time. Definitely i will suggest this website for my friends those who are interested to learn hacking.


Solomon Ubani said on January 13, 2012 at 10:55 PM :

Yap...This website has been great in the past year i learnt a lot from it...but in recent times i dont knw what has happened...admins pls carry on ur Good work

John ( Admin ) said on January 16, 2012 at 12:43 AM :

Thank u >> i will soon write a post on session hijacking


WE will post new articles very shortly >> thank u for the support


hi following your blog from an year and your really have an excellent blog and the way you treat your visitors is too a blogger but not like are the best one but i want to know one thing how you made your blog to rank one on trying a lot for that but not yet much does it took to you to rank first on google....i would be really thankfull to you if you give me some tips and tricks...i know you will definitely help me....thanking you john,you are awesome...plz help me

Read more:


Cyber Cure Sucks.. They don't teach anything.


You are a hacking group and Jealous... I made my career becoz of Cybercure..!! I dont like People saying bad things about the renowned people.


cybercure said on April 9, 2012 at 1:39 AM :

cybercure is a best part of Hacking,,,,,,?

Pawan Sharma

Nice Post but i ahve attended Mr. Rahul Tyagi's workshop it was great, he came to our college as compare to Ankit Fadia's boring session Rahul sir workshop was awesome. We learnt metasploitframework in core in backtrack 5 r1 .... and yes in most workshops they teach old stufff


can we hack someones's sim card???
please let me know...can i get a hacker who can find that number for me??? this unknown number had made my life hell....

Indian Servers said on May 15, 2012 at 10:16 AM :
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