Phishing The Smart Way Using XSS Vulnerabilities

In this article Mr srinivas will show us how we can carry out Phishing attacks in a smart and effective way by using XSS  vulnerabilities .This Phishing attack is a bit advanced and if your a newbie i would recommend you to read the following articles first

What is Cross Site Scripting?
It is a vulnerability typically found in web applications.A hacker can use this vulnerability to inject client-side script into web pages viewed by other users. 

What can an attacker do with this?
 Attackers can do the following things
  •  Steal user cookies and can take complete account takeover
  •  Steal data on web pages viewed by victim
  •  Deface pages viewed by victim
  •  Use web pages for phishing
In this article i am going to explain how phishing can be done using XSS vulnerability in web applications.To understand this, you need to have the  knowledge of normal  phishing.

Advantages over normal phishing:
In Normal phishing the victim will be given a link which is made by the hacker. A person with basic knowledge can recognize that it was a fake link.But in XSS the victim cannot suspect the link because it contains a trusted URL.

Demonstration Of XSS -Phishing 
Steps involved in the attack
  • Finding a XSS vulnerability
  • Craft your link.
  • Send the link to your victim

Step 1: Finding a XSS  vulnerability
First we need to find a vulnerable website. This can be done using google. Go to google and search using the following Dork.
inurl: "search.php?q="
To test the vulnerability you can inject the following code in search fields,comment fields of your website.
<script>alert("you are hacked")</script>
If it returns an alert box showing “you are hacked”, That site is vulnerable to XSS.

Step 2: Craft your link.
In this step we have to craft a link from the vulnerability of the website.
Your link will look like<script>alert("you are hacked")</script>
You can use your specially crafted link to steal your victim’s information just as in phishing.

I am showing you an example with vulnerable link found in google.
This link is kept here for demonstration purpose only. I will not be held responsible if you do any thing illegal with this and this bug is not fixed yet. If google fixes it,it may not work.
(credits- wolfmankurd)
When  the victim clicks this link,he will be redirected to 
You can replace” with your fake login page’s link.Then it takes the victim to your fake login page.

Step 3:Send the link to your victim
Now you can send your specially crafted link to the victim by any means as you do in normal phishing.

This is such a dangerous vulnerability in web applications. It got 2nd rank in OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.If a hacker finds this vulnerability in any of the bank websites, he can attempt a malicious attack against the customers of the bank and steal lots of information like credit cards, account numbers, passwords etc by simply sending a group mail to the customers of the bank.

If you have any doubts regarding the article please feel free to comment 
About the Guest Author:
This article is written by Mr Srinivas, He owns Hackinginception where he writes articles related to hacking .If your interested in writing a guest post @Hackaholic please contact me

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