How To Spy/Hack Web Camers

Now a days Hacking Webcams have become very easy Today even a person with basic knowledge of computers can hack web cams, Main reason why people want to hack web cams today are, To catch their cheating spouse ,or monitor their children if your in a similar situation you need not worry, your at the right place. In today's post i will explain how you can hack and spy web cams

I've divide this post into sections to help beginners

The Easy Way
The easiest way to monitor(spy) webcams is by installing spy software (spyware) on the victims computer. There are Many Web cam spy-wares (spy software's) in the market today, But most of them lack the Remote installion feature Except for Winspy. This feature can be very vital when you don't have physical access to the victims computer

About Winspy
Winspy keylogger is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Package that can spy on both your Local PC and Remote PC. It includes Remote Install and Realtime Remote PC Viewer. Win Spy Software will capture anything the user sees or types on the keyboard. A special hotkey is used to login and access the program. Users will not be able to terminate or uninstall Win-Spy.Win-Spy Software operates in stealth mode. It will not appear in Windows Start, System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs.

Features :-
  • Monitor Remote PC Webcam
  • Remote Monitor any Email
  • Remote Monitor children’s activity on any PC
  • Monitor Cheating Spouse 
  • Records any Password (Email, Login, Instant Messenger etc.)
  • Its Totally Stealth (i.e) Totally undetectable 
          and many more ..

Why Winspy ?
Winspy can be used both as a keylogger as well as a webcam spy ware, So it serves multiple purposes like Keylogging the victim, monitoring web cams, monitor cheating Spouse etc, Its also totally undetectable by Av's and is its very easy to use. If your looking for a cheap solution then Winspy would definitely suite your needs its 100 % worth your moneyFor more information and download details kindly visit the following link
The Difficult Way
Most of the skilled hackers use RAT's(Remote Administration Tool ) which are used to gain physical access to victims computer, Once a RAT is installed on the victims computer you can easily do almost any thing with his/her computer and also spy on his/her web cam, but at the same time RAT's have some disadvantages as well

Disadvantages And Dangers of Using Rats
  • Rats are easily detected by anti viruses, Hence will be deleted before execution, Skilled hackers use some methods to hide antivirus detection of RAT's such as Hexing and crypting ..etc, but they are not easy and not recommended for beginners
  • When using RAT'S there's direct ip level connectivity between that attacker and the victim , Hence RAT'S can be easily traced back
  • While playing with RAT'S you might infect yourself And You might end up loosing all your credentials such as passwords, Bank Accounts etc 

My Advice
One reason why i don't encourage Beginners to use RAT'S is because if your caught you might end up in jail in some countries. So i always Recommend you to take the easy way and Winspy will do the rest for you. For more information on Winspy and download details kindly visit the following link


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dude..winspy is nt is der any other way to hack webcams??

John ( Admin ) said on October 12, 2011 at 12:12 AM :


Ya Winspy has now stopped giving free trial versions, This effort is taken by Winspy to prevent win-spy software from being signatured by anti virus and anti spy softwares.

I recommend you to buy the software its cheap and its 100 % worth your money


Nice article.. Why shouldnt you elaborate with RATs too..
So that we can learn some more.. :)

John ( Admin ) said on October 12, 2011 at 1:51 AM :


i will be writing articles related to RATS shortly so keep visiting

Unknown said on October 15, 2011 at 3:50 AM :

can u tell me what is the method of spying used by winspy??????
Mail me at

Unknown said on February 5, 2012 at 5:32 AM :

Nice Article


Hi John,

I know the email pass, facebook pass, etc of the person I wish to hack, and want to be able to control their webcam (or at least take screenshots).

Is there a simpler way of doing this other than WIN-SPY?

Please elaborate. Thanks!


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