Hackaholic Moved To A Custom Domain

I am really glad to inform you all that Hackaholic is now moved to a custom domain i.e Hackhaholic.blogspot. .com is now onwards www.101hacker.com .At this moment i would like to thank all my blog readers for their continuous support and encouragement , This Wouldn't Have Been possible without you, A special word of thanks to Mukund , the man who designed our beautiful Blogger template , I would also like to thank all the guest bloggers, Mr Srinivas especially, who has contributed a lot

Why I Moved To A Custom Domain ?
Since i started Hackhaholic.blogspot.com i always wanted to move to a custom domain ,For countless number of reasons. Main reason i moved to a custom domain is because  blogspot.com is Google's property and google can delete it when ever they want ,Now Google is very less likely to delete blogs on custom domains.

What Next On Hackaholic ?
As of now i have planned the following things

1. Write articles on RATS and Trojans 
 Many of my blog readers have requested me  to write articles on RATS and Trojans , I will be writing them very shortly

2. Blogger Hacking Help
I get a lot of off topic comments in my posts,  So i have decided to start a separate section where you can ask off topic questions related to hacking  and they will be answered as soon a possible

3. Guest Blogging 

4. Relaunch my YouTube video Channel 

and many more ..............

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Very nice Hackaholic.:)
I'm glad to hear that and thanks a lot for all ur's Tut's.
All are very useful.




Ya thanks john for all the articles great blog ,


Congrats bro >>> looking forward for RAT TUTS


Best hacking site thanks a lot ,continue the good work

srini0x00 said on October 12, 2011 at 10:48 PM :

Hackaholic will become the best blog on INTERNET.
Everyone will see this fact very soon..!!

Unknown said on August 29, 2012 at 12:09 PM :

hi john , i now that you work hard and you do not have time for answer each one of us... but i realy need your help here I need you to make a tutorail explaining how to force download of a file with php code or somethings like that plzz , i'm a big fan of you ;) thx before evrythings


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