Hack Email accounts Using a Hardware Keylogger

Did you know key logging is the simplest way to hack email accounts ? So far in this blog I've  discussed about software key loggers such as Sniperspy for Windows , Sniperspy For Mac and  Realtimespy
If your new to the concept of  Key logging i would suggest you to read my previous articles What are KeyLoggers , How to Hack Any Email Account? to get a better understanding of the subject

Software Key loggers are not the only keyloggers that are used for hacking email or facebook accounts, there's an other type of keyloggers and they are called  Hardware keyloggers.In this article i'll explain how you can hack facebook or any other email account using a hardware keyloggers

Hardware Keyloggers are used for keystroke logging, a method of capturing and recording computer user keystrokes. They plug in between a computer keyboard and a computer and log all keyboard activity to an internal memory. They are designed to work with PS/2 keyboards, and more recently with USB keyboards.

A hardware keylogger looks like a normal USB drive or any other computer peripheral so that the victim can never doubt that it is a keylogger, So by looking at it’s appearance it is impossible to identify it as a keylogger., Here is how a hardware keylogger may look like

How To Use HardWare Key logger to Hack Facebook account?
Installation of a Hardware key logger is very easy, Simply plug the Hardware keylogger in between the USB keyboard and the USB port.The following image shows how a keylogger is installed.

Once installed the keylogger starts recording each and every keystroke of the keyboard including email passwords and other confidential information.and stores them in separate log files as shown

Thus a hacker can use the information stored in a Hardware key logger to hack Face book or any other email account

Which is the Best Hardware Keylogger  ?
With my experience of more than 4 years in the field of  Hacking and security I suggest only one Hardware key logger KeyCobra Hardware Keylogger which I think is best and has a very low antivirus detection

KeyCobra Hardware Keylogger
KeyCobra is the world's smallest and smartest USB hardware keylogger. The KeyCobraUSB keyboard logger comes in a standard version (4MB memory capacity which can capture  2,000,000 keystrokes - over 1,000 pages of text), and a Venom Version (2GB memory capacity -which can capture billion keystrokes - over 1 million pages of text),  Its Completely invisible for computer operation,  It is also  compatible with Mac.Visit the official website of KeyCobra Hardware Keylogger for more information From Here 

So what are you waiting for, Grab a KeyCobra Hardware Keylogger, and start hacking your friends ,You Can Buy a KeyCobra Hardware Keylogger  From the Following Link

If you any doubts regarding the article , please fell free to post a comment

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Hey John!! Nice tutorial!! But can you make a tutorial on How to hack a Computer using a Trojan Horse?

John Stevenson said on March 29, 2012 at 10:47 PM :

People nowadays especially those IT guys can go through your files in a instant, With the help of this tool they can store your username,password and etc. They have a device can store all the data they gathered. A Alpha numeric keypad device named Logger.


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