BlackSheep A Tool To Detect Firesheep

In one of my earlier posts i wrote about  Firesheep an excellent FireFox add on  that can be used to hack Face book accounts .In this article i will explain how you can protect yourself from these kind of  attacks by using Blacksheep

What is BlackSheep  ?
BlackSheep is a FireFox add  which warns users if someone is using Firesheep on their network. It also indicates the IP address of the machine that is spying on you.

How BlackSheep Works ?
BlackSheep detects the active connection made by Firesheep. It does this by making HTTP requests to random sites handled by FireSheep every 5 minutes with fake values. BlackSheep then listens to all HTTP requests on the network to detect if somebody else is using the same fake values. If some one is using the same values (of blacksheep ) . Then Black sheep warns us by indicating the IP address as shown

However Blacksheep wont protect side jacking or session hijacking done by Firesheep it can just detect if some one is using firesheep on your network

BlackSheep A Tool To Detect Firesheep
Things Required 

1. Firefox browser

2. Blacksheep  add on


Here is a video which shows how to use Blacksheep to detect firesheep on your network

Hope you Enjoyed the Post , For further doubts and clarifications please pass your comments

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