Spy Cell Phones with Spyphone Gold

Spyphone Gold  (Spyera gold)  is the most advance cell phone keylogger on the market today. This is based on its supercharged features,reputation and great system core stability.It has been in the business of developing phone spy applications for over ten years which makes it one of oldest companies in this particular market. During this time Spyera’s engineering team has ensured that this product remained one of the leaders in the development of new phone spy features and also phone compatibility (e.g. Spyera was the first Blackberry spy app to work on O/S 6). Basically if you would like to monitor virtually any cell phone in any location in the world then Spyera is the way to go.

Who Uses This product?
Virtually anyone who has suspicions that their partner is cheating, employee is stealing or children are being led astray can use Spyera. There are other phone surveillance apps on the market but what makes this one different is the fact that you will be able to intercept live phone calls. This means that you will hear every single nitty gritty detail in the call without the participants knowing.  If you combine this function with the other features of this product, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if that person is guilty of any wrong doings. Intercepting other communications are great but it is nothing better than listening in to a cell phone conversation. After you discover what you were looking for you will be able to take appropriate action.

How Does Spyphone Gold Work?
After your purchase, you can directly download the installation module onto the target cell phone. Installation takes only a few minutes. After installation, each activity on the target phone is recorded and uploaded onto the SpyPhone servers. You can login to your online account from your PC to view the logs at any time. The logs contain Text messages, Contacts List, Call History, GPS Locations and many such information
If you need to listen into a phone conversation you will just have to dial into the target phone during the call and you will be added to the conversation. Don't worry you will be notified via sms message that the call is in place.

  • Spy phone calling - This is the ability to call the phone and listen to the surroundings of the phone. Therefore if the person is in traffic you will hear horns blowing etc and you will confirm what they are up to.
  • Call Interception (Listen to Phone Call) – this Spyera feature enables you to secretly liste to incoming & outgoing calls.
  • Remote Monitoring – want to find out what is going on “around” the iPhone? This remote listening feature is how you do it.
  • SMS Logging (Incoming / Outgoing) – this will enable you to read all text messages, even if they are deleted.
  • Call History (Incoming / Outgoing) – get access to all incoming and outgoing call logs to find out their calling habits.
  • Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing) – this will give you visibility into how much time they are spending on each call.
  • GPS and Cell ID Location Tracking – this Spyera feature will secretly track the iPhone in real time.
  • Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing) – want to know who they are emailing & what they are sending? This feature will show you.
  • Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms – View the contact details of everyone they contact.
  • SIM Change SMS Notification – If your target ever changes their SIM card, Spyera Gold will notify you & send you their new number.
  • %100 Undetectable – No chance they will find out Spyera is on their iPhone. Spyera Gold is 100% undetectable!
  • Remote Control – Control Spyera (activate spy call, uninstall, etc..) via remote SMS commands.
  • 10 Days %100 Money Back Guarantee – Spyera stands behind their iPhone spy product.
  • Unlimited device change – This will ensure that if your target changes their phone, you’ll be able to monitor their new one.

Compatible Cell Phones

Spyphone Gold is fully compatible with the following mobile phones
  • Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson Phones
  • BlackBerry Phones
  • Apple iPhones
  • Windows Mobile Phones

Download Spyphone-Gold 
So what are you waiting for! Grab a copy of Spyphone gold  and start spying your friends ,spouse cellphones

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It is useful when Cell phone spay software included with mobile device. The Spyphone Gold is provided that opportunity though I fan to the mobile device. Thanks :)

mobile surveillance system said on August 26, 2012 at 4:52 AM :

It is useful when Cell phone spay software included with mobile device. The Spyphone Gold is provided that opportunity though I fan to the mobile device. Thanks :)

Unknown said on January 13, 2013 at 12:51 AM :

sir i dnt have enough money to buy that can i get a cracked version of that sir pllzz help!1

Unknown said on May 15, 2013 at 4:18 PM :

What about HTC smartphones, does it work?

John ( Admin ) said on May 19, 2013 at 10:37 PM :

@Rikke Grand

Ya they work on all smartphones

John ( Admin ) said on June 1, 2013 at 7:33 PM :

@hakkrin D

Spy phone gold supports all type of smart phones if your victim is using android then u need to select android from spy phone gold website , You will get .apk file which can be installed in android phone


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