Hack Windows Password Using Pwdump and John The Ripper

I have already written articles on How you can hack windows passwords Using various tools such as Ophcrack ,Chntpw and i have also written  an article on how to hack windows password using stick keys . In this article i will explain an another way to Hack/crack windows password using  Pwdump and John the ripper

Hack Windows Password Using Pwdump and John The Ripper 

Things we need :-

1. Pwdump - To dump windows password hashes
2. John the Ripper - To crack the dumped password hashes


1.  Open My computer and go to C:\Windows\system32 ,now place the Pwdump file which we download earlier

2. Now open command prompt and navigate to C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump By Using the "cd " command  and  click enter

Example :-
Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump

3. Now you can see a list of Pwdump commands as shown

4. Now enter pwdump - localhost >>“ destination of the output file “ (for 32-bit computers) and pwdump -x localhost >> “destination of the out put file “(for 64- bit computers )

Example :-
Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump localhost >> C:\hash.txt (for 32-bit computers )

Cd C:\Windows\system32 \Pwdump -x localhost >> C:\hash.txt (for 64-bit computers)

5. Now open  the Out put  file (In my case its hash.txt )From c:/ you can see the names of the different  users with password hashes Now copy the hashes  corresponding to the admin account

6. Now make JTR (John the ripper ) crackable file by Opening a notepad and pasting the hashes which we copied in the previous step in the format given below
where "gyuJo098KkLy9" is the  hash which we copied in the 5th step 

7. Save the file as crackme.txt (just an example) and go to the prompt and type 'john crackme.txt' (with out quotes ). Now wait for a while ,the password hashes will be cracked  .You can also use the Various options in John the ripper to make the cracking a little faster .For this you can refer my Tutorial on John the Ripper 

Note : You can also use any other password cracking tool or online password cracking sites like www.cracker.offensive-security.com to crack the hashes 

Hope You enjoyed this tutorial ,For further doubts and clarifications please pass your comments 

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Junaid AHmad
( Logon to \\-\IPC$ failed: error 53 ) in the hash.txt what should i do now ? :p


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