How to Install Backtrack - On Vmware

Backtrack is a Linux  distribution  distributed as a Live CD which consist of Linux based toolset geared toward network security and security exploits. It includes a large collection of individual tools each designed to perform specific functions, like WEP cracking, SQL injection and HTTP exploits. And many more .I will not be explaining the different tools in  backtrack if you  want Know more please  refer my previous posts on backtrack

How To Install Backtrack :-
First a fall you must know what is a vmware (virtual machine ) if you don’t know, i would recommend you to do a Google search on this subject

Download the virtual machine from Here

Download the latest version of  Backtrack from Here. I would suggest you to
Download the iso image as it can  be used for many purposes
After downloading follow the video for Hq visit Hackaholictutorials

If you have any doubts please be free to comment 

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thnx for this tutorial and i have a two questions for you :

if iam using back track in vm ware , would i have problems using it tools?

is it beter to use backtrack os alone in my desktop?

John ( Admin ) said on January 18, 2011 at 10:46 PM :


if your system has good memory ( 1- 2gb )you will have no problems using vmaware
i will suggest all beginners to use vmware
if your very good and comfortable in uing linux u can use backtrack alone


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