In any site as large as ours that deals with so many controversial subjects and skills, it has become necessary for us to address our readers about the user terms and services agreement of our site. We want to provide a safe and legal training  environment to the users of our site. This page contains the terms and conditions of your usage of this website. By using this website you signify your agreement to these terms

About Hackaholic  aka "101Hacker.com"
Hackaholic  (101hacker.com) is an website which blogs on topics is related to information security, Penetration Testing  and computer security, Hackaholic does not promote or encourage computer Hacking (unethical), cracking or any other illegal activity. 

Hackaholic is a Whitehat hacking blog and strongly condemns Blackhat Hacking 

Our Aim 
The main aim of our blog is to help people who are interested in the field of information security with the latest news,tutorials  and to help people to secure their computers from the latest computer threats. We believe that unless you know how to hack (ethically), you cannot defend yourself from malicious hack attacks.  Know Hacking but No Hacking!

Terms And Conditions

  • All the information provided on this site are for educational purposes only. The site and authors of the website is no way responsible for any misuse of the information.
  • “Hackaholic ” and "101hacker" are just a terms that represents the name of the site and is not a site that provides any illegal information. Hackaholic is a site related to Information Security,Computer Security and Penetration Testing and not a site that promotes hacking/cracking/software piracy.
  • This site is totally meant for providing information on Computer Security, Information Security, Computer Programming, Penetration Testing and other related topics and is no way related towards the terms “CRACKING” or “HACKING” (Unethical).
  • The word “Hack” or “Hacking” that is used on this site shall be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking” respectively.
  • Few articles (posts) on this site may contain the information related to “Hacking Passwords” or “Hacking Email Accounts” (Or Similar terms). These are not the GUIDES of Hacking. They only provide information about the legal ways of retrieving the passwords. You shall not misuse the information to gain unauthorized access. However you may try out these hacks on your own computer at your own risk. Performing hack attempts (without permission) on computers that you do not own is illegal.
  • All the information on this site are meant for developing Hacker Defense attitude among the users and help preventing the hack attacks. 101hacker.com insists that these information shall not be used for causing any kind of damage directly or indirectly. However you may try these codes on your own computer at your own risk.
  • The site holds no responsibility for the contents found in the user comments since we do not monitor them. However we may remove any sensitive information present in the user comments upon request.
  • We are not the vendors of any products (software, books etc.) that we recommend on our website in the PRODUCTS section and other selected posts/articles. Hence we do not have any liability related to the products recommend by us. It is the responsibility of the buyers to contact the respective vendors for any queries related to the products.
  • Refer to the laws in your province/country before accessing, using,or in any other way utilizing these materials . The site, Authors can not be held responsible for users actions and activities 
  • Most of the information provided on this site are simple computer tricks (may be called by the name hacks) and are no way related to the term hacking
  • The Tools, Software's and Scripts provided by the site should only be used for education purposes. The site or the authors can not be held responsible for the misuse of them by the users 
  • We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the usage of the hacks provided on this site.
  • The tricks provided by us may no longer work due to fixture in the bugs that enabled the exploits.
  • Some images and widgets etc  in this blog are thought to be public domain and obtained through different  free sources on the Internet and publication. . Please contact us with any legal problems and we’ll be happy to remove any thing in breach.
  • This Site may contain links to third-party sites. These links are provided  only for convenience and increase contact between different owners. Such linked sites are not under the control of 101hacker.com and we are  not responsible for the contents of any linked site, or any link contained in a linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by 101hacker.com of the site, and the owner of 101hacker.com  shall have no responsibility for information which is referenced by or linked to this Site.
  • We reserve the right to modify the Disclaimer, Articles at any time without notice.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our User terms and agreement policy, please feel free to contact us by email at john@101hacker.com.

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