Prism Yourself with MIT'S "Immersion" Project

In the past two weeks there's been a lot of talk about "Prism" a software that the NSA uses to monitor your email activities , social networking activities and other Internet activity  in real time, If you're Curious to know how this is done, you can have look at the MIT'S "Immersion Project"

Mit's Immersion Project gives you an idea how meta data can tell more about your online relationship. Immersion basically scans your mail's  specifically to the To's, From's, CC and Timestamp fields in emails. All of this meta data is readily available using the proper API, but not directly accessible from the mail account itself. From there, all of the data is sorted, categorized and placed into a beautiful graphical pictures that shows all of your “collaborators” on emails, including how often all of them talk to each other.

It displays a series of circles with fine lines that shows how different people converse with each other, The circles are filled with colors to subtly delineate the varied social groups a user interacts with on a long-term basis. The project mines an account’s overall history, tabulating the number of emails while also showing real-time data of how many messages were sent in a given week. 

The project allows you to be your own Big Brother in a way. To participate in MIT’s Media Lab Immersion project, visit Immersion

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