Hack Android With AFE - Android Framework for Exploitation

Android Framework for Exploitation AFE is an open source project ( Free) which aims to demonstrate the existence of security holes in the most popular mobile operating system. The aim of this framework is to help the mobile security community to analyze applications, exploit vulnerabilities, build POCs, and share their own modules with other users. Most parts of AFE is written in complete Python, and it's expandable. It means that you can add your modules, or transfer any existing tools. One of the interesting features of this framework is the ability to build malwares, botnets and even inject malwares in existing legitimate applications. 

Android Framework for Exploitation can be classified into Five different parts 

  • Malware Creator - For Creating  malware and botnet modules.
  • Listener - To listen and to show incoming data from the phone/emulator
  • Exploiter - Used to exploit various vulnerabilities in applications and platform
  • Stealer - To steal information from the phone including contacts, call logs, text messages, files from the SD Card and many more
  • Crypter - To make already detected malware samples, undetectable by the anti-malwares

The Following Video By Aditya Gupta  (one of the developers of AFE ) gives a quick walk through on how to setup  Android Framework for Exploitation . 


To Know more about AFE and for the download details please visit their official website from the following link

Hope this Info helps you, For further clarifications  and doubts please pass your comments

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