Windows Phone 8 - Review

Microsoft is all set to emerge with a new Windows Phone 8 – Apollo with number of added features which is likely to give its rival phones a tough fight in the market. As per some details surfacing over the internet, users are going to have a big time with Apollo seeing enhanced hardware to wallet experience along with Opera Mini kind of proxy coming along with the latest windows 8 OS.

The people reporting and analyzing the forthcoming Microsoft’s phone claim that it will be far better device as compared to its predecessors. Let’s explore the Apollo and check its various aspects and understand how it is better than its previous versions.

Better Hardware support
The upcoming Microsoft phone- Apollo is reported to have faster processors. The windows 8 phone will be supporting multi core processors. However, the number of cores allowed is still unknown. Also, the processors’ speed which is supposedly better than the previous devices too is not known. Having better and faster processors will make Apollo to stand in the row of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android based phone devices which are seen with two or four cores.

The phone will be seen with removable micro-SD card storage. Apollo will be seen with better NFC (Near field communication) support which will give the users contactless payment systems unlike what you find in Google Wallet. With this NFC support, the users can expect to get instant data sharing between laptops, personal computers, smart phones and tablets.

Improved screens
Microsoft has always emerged with phone devices with better screen resolution and with the upcoming windows 8 phones you can expect far better screens. Apollo is expected to add up some new screen resolution, however, the specific pixel counts are still not out.

This is certainly good news for users who love to see good resolutions since a number of competent phones like Titan with big and beautiful screen is suffering due to pixel paucity which pales down while in use and similar is the story of other phones with bigger screens. Microsoft is known to give better screens to have a good picture quality experience. You can therefore expect the same and better screen resolution in the upcoming windows 8 phones

Added applications
Speaking about the applications, Microsoft is expected to come up with more than 100,000 apps since these phones have already touched this exorbitant figure. This is certainly good news for users since people look forward to have more number of apps as far as the windows phones are concerned.

You can also see app to app communication possible with this device along with the completely new revamped Skype client which is capable of connecting straight to any operating system in no time. The camera too is reported to have the lens apps which mean that the camera interface will be skinned by OEMs or can be covered with viewfinders via third parties elements. In this way, you can use the camera with a blend of burst mode with smile detection feature to catch a perfect picture of your loved ones.
Is this worth enough to have them? Certainly, you can find Apollo an exception and stand alone phone in a rush of many phones like Lumia 800 or Titan. It can be called as everybody’s phone, which means that it is suitable for everyone on earth who has the lust for power in hand. So wait until October 2012 where this new windows 8 phone- Apollo is expected to hit the world to enjoy the incredible power.

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