Hacking From Android Phones, Made Easy With (Anti) Android Network Tool Kit

Have an android phone, Looking for easy ways to hack like pentesters ?? Well you are in luck, Anti or Anti or Android networking Tool Kit  is Just what the world needs, another killer mobile app for android devices, Anti allows you to control other devices such as Desktop PC, other Android Phones and even iOS devices with just a few pushes

Proxy Chaining Tutorial - Be Anonymous Online

I have written a series of Articles on how you can be anonymous online and how you can protect your identity online, In the following tutorial i will be explaining one more such technique "Proxy Chaining" that you can use  To stay anonymous online

Lucky Winners OF WinSPY Keylogger Contest - Announced

Hi friends, As Mentioned earlier today I  will be announcing the 3 Lucky winners of WinSPY keylogger contest. I received good response for this contest. Thanks a lot for all your participation and support

Complete Guide - How To Monitor Remote Computers

In today's world, It becomes necessary for us to monitor our own computer or a remote computer to keep track of the activities going on. This may be for several reasons. Especially it is most necessary for the parents to monitor their computer to keep track of their children’s activities during their absence. Some people may also require to monitor their computer to keep an eye on the activities of their spouse or partner.

Today, with the advancement in the field of software technology, it is possible to easily monitor any given computer. For this all you have to do is, use a PC Monitoring Software.

SQL Injection Part 5 – Bypassing WAF

In my previous posts, i have explained about different types of SQL injections. Some times, when we try to retrieve data from SQLi vulnerable websites, we end up with forbidden error. Today i will explain why you get such errors and  how you can  bypass such errors and perform successful attacks on websites. If you have not read my previous posts and if you are new to SQLi, I would suggest you to read them before proceeding.

How To Root /Jail Break LG Optimus Me P350

Last week i bought a cellphone, LG Optimus Me P350 An android (2.2 froyo) Smart phone, I had difficulties in installing various apps so i had to root it , So today i thought of Sharing the various steps that i took to root the phone, Before i begin  Let me first explain what exactly root is ? and why you should consider rooting your phone ? 

How To Choose A Remote Keylogger /Spyware ?

Keyloggers or Sypware are software's which captures keystrokes typed by the victim and thus commonly used for hacking victims email passwords Face book, paypal accounts.. etc Remotely, If your new to keyloggers kindly read my previous article What are Keyloggers

So far i've Reviewed and recommended various remote keyloggers and spy ware, but many of my blog readers still get confused on which remote keylogger they have to choose. I get a lot of emails and comments asking me which keylogger should i choose ? Which is the best keylogger  ? etc..

SQL Injection part 4 -Hack websites using sqlmap

In my previous articles, i have shown you how we can hack websites using Simple SQL injection and Query based basic SQL injection and blind SQL injections. Today i am going to show you how we can hack websites using SQLmap. When manual methods donot let me hack the websites,then Sqlmap is my favourite tool. So before proceeding into this article i would like to suggest you to read my previous articles on SQLinjections, if you have missed them.

SQL Injection Part 3 - Blind Sql Injection

In my previous articles, i have shown you how we can hack websites using simple SQL injection and Query based basic SQL injection. Today i am going to show you the detailed concept of Blind SQL injection.When the website is vulnerable to sql injection but not showing any data on it's pages we go for blind SQL injection. Blind injection is a little more complicated/time consuming. So before going into Blind sql injection, you must have the knowledge of basic SQL injections. So it is strongly recommended you to read my previous articles before proceeding.

Hack Facebook Accounts Using Trusted Friends Vulnerability

Hi guys, Sorry for not updating the blog i was really busy with my exams today i got some free time and i decide to share this interesting trick Hack Facebook Accounts Using Trusted Friends Vulnerability

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