Proxy Chaining Tutorial - Be Anonymous Online

I have written a series of Articles on how you can be anonymous online and how you can protect your identity online, In the following tutorial i will be explaining one more such technique "Proxy Chaining" that you can use  To stay anonymous online

What is Proxy Chaining ? And What is The Use Of it
A proxy is an address ( IP address ) of a  Server (proxy server)  that is placed between your computer and the Internet

The advantage of a proxy is that your real IP address is Hidden so when you hack  your giving the IP address of   the proxy sever and not your real IP address Same  way if your a normal Internet user the hacker won't get your real IP but the IP of the proxy server.

Proxy Chaining :
Proxy chaining is basically the idea of using more than one Proxy to connect to the Internet, The main use of proxy Chaining is to hide your identity .You can connect to as  many proxies you want. The more you connect, the more anonymous you will be, Proxy Chains makes it very difficult to trace you back for Eg:- lets take proxy chain which passes through various countries

            Your PC  ----------> USA --> CHINA --> RUSSIA --- --------->Web site

Its very difficult to-trace  back such proxies since it passes through various countries, Thus Proxy chaining is generally a technique used by hackers to hide their identity online, How ever that being said its not impossible to trace proxy chains

Proxy Chaining Tutorial

Hope this info helps you , If you have any doubts please let me know them via comments

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mimi a said on November 16, 2012 at 5:50 AM :

Hi! the video does not work ( tried with android 2.3.6

Unknown said on December 8, 2012 at 11:31 PM :

A proxy is an address ( IP address ) of a Server (proxy server) that is placed between your computer and the Internet. hidemyass download


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