Free Megaupload Premium Link Generator Service (100 % Legit and Working)

During the Past month i got many emails from my blog readers especially from A.Hossain asking me to post an article on some kind of hack which will enable us to download  megaupload files Like a premium user  , Most of us know that there are lots of  free premium link generators which claim to generate Premium links for your downloads but about 90 % of those generators are fake , That's why i always advice my blog readers to use torrents , But yesterday when i was surfing the net i came across Megakey service which claims to generate premium links for Megaupload. So i decided to test it, and i found out that it was a 100 % legit and working service , So today i wanted to share this hack with you. Follow the steps given below to download Megaupload files like a premium User  

Free Megaupload Premium Link Generator Service

What is Megakey Service ?
It is a free service provided by magakey it removes limitations on megaupload files and megaupload videos ,Its a 100 % legit  and working service ,Its free from malware and viruses 

How to Use Megakey Service  ?

1. To use this service you have to first install megakey software ,You can Download megakey software From Here

2. Extract the file using Winrar or Winzip and Install the megakey software 

3. After installing you will see a Small  Megakey icon on the task bar  as shown , Right click and  select megakey benefits

4. Now check all the boxes and enter your information as shown

5. Now open your browser, paste your megaupload link that you want to download,  Now You will see a premium download button as shown

Note :- This service only works two hours a day (9.00 AM to 11.00 AM GMT ). Use the GMT Time converter to know your corresponding local time ,You can also check it by going to megaupload .com, If your with in the particular time you will see a small smiley icon on the top right corner near login saying its happy hour

Hope you like the Post , If you have any doubts regarding the Article please fell free to post a comment  

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a. Hossain

Bro, during these days people uploads their files in Fileserve, Filesonic, Wupload, Filefactory..
megaupload, hotfile, rapidshare these had lost their popularity time ago. so megaupload is not much of work to download latest movies from, scepers,, etcs .... please, help us by posting something about the above file hosting.. anyway bro,, thanx.. :):):) ..

83RN15 said on September 11, 2011 at 12:38 PM :

the only thing that sucks is that time restriction.

wildrank said on September 14, 2011 at 8:02 AM :

lol...if they remove time restriction,then who ll by premium account?????????/



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