Hack Facebook / Twitter accounts using Fire Sheep

In my Previous tutorial Hack Facebook /twitter accounts by stealing cookies we hacked Facebook book by side jacking i.e stealing cookies and injecting them in our browser . In this tutorial we will do the same by using a tool Fire sheep .This hack works when computers are connected in  a LAN (Local area network ) or when connected in public WiFi . Best place try out this hack is in schools , collages where computers are connected in LAN and in public places such as airports , hotels  where there's public WiFi

What is Fire Sheep
Fire sheep is an extension developed by Eric Butler for the Firefox web browser. The extension uses a packet sniffer to intercept unencrypted cookies from certain websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) as the cookies are transmitted over networks, exploiting session hijacking vulnerabilities. It shows the discovered identities on a sidebar displayed in the browser, and allows the user to instantly take on the log-in credentials of the user by double-clicking on the victim's name

Hack Facebook / Twitter accounts  using Fire Sheep

Thing we Need :

1. Firefox Browser

2. Fire sheep Firefox plugin 

Procedure :

1. First Download and install Firefox browser and Fire sheep add on

2. Open Firefox , Now click the (1) view button then select (2) side bar finally click(3) fire sheep or simply press ( ctrl + shift +s ) to open fire sheep

3. Now you can see fire sheep has opened up in the side bar Now select your interface by
 going to preferences as shown

4. Now click  on start capture button and wait for a while ,

5. Now you can see different pre- authenticated  sessions on the  side bar select the session which you want .

6. Now you will be automatically logged in the victims account . You can use this tool to hack Facebook/Twitter accounts

Note :- This Hack works only  when computers are in a LAN or WiFi  

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial . In my next article we will look at some of the countermeasures that we can take against these kind of attacks  .Till then have a nice time ........

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The Firesheep Add on is no longer compatible with the latest firefox (version 4 to 4.0.1)

so i think it wont work except we use the old version..


can you help me how to install fire sheep on my browser fire fox 5 .
is this add-on work only on fire fox 3


Bro this A. Hossain.. im facing a problem,, a lot of plugins are not supporting lates firefoxes, inclufing firesheep.. how to solve the problem says : not compatible with firefox ...


I am using windows "7" 32bit and my default browser is firefox 3.6.12 exact version of fireshep, i have done every thing but still not working.reply plZ......


hi, John iam ur pak friend !kindly make a video tutorial for firesheep. Plz tel also, Cygwin,BoostPro.WinPcap.this is essential for firsheep.plzz reply


hi, John... where r u bro i am facing lot of problems.


hi John,
im your fan. i am facing a problem!!
whenever i click on "start capturing" it says "invalid interface" what shall i do??


how to set interface?

Akash Makaveli said on February 2, 2013 at 7:21 AM :

guys...head over to File hippo and dwnload firefox version 3.6.12


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