The ABC’s of Understanding Internet Service Providers

There are a variety internet service providers to choose from. Each provider also has different features available to enhance your internet experience. It is important to understand the difference between the different types of ISP’s and those extra features.

Annual contracts are not generally required from cable internet providers.

Broadband means faster internet speeds than dialup.

Cable companies provide some of the fastest internet services available.

Dialup internet service is the slowest type of internet service, and requires a dedicated phone line during use.

Email accounts are often provided free of charge by most ISP’s.

Free virus protection is offered by some internet service providers.

Gaming online requires high speed broadband with a very reliable connection.

Highspeed internet is available through most phone and cable companies.

Internet service is available in some form in most any place you can imagine.

Joining several computers together in your home is referred to as a home network.

Kilobytes is the measuring term used to state the speed of data downloads through dialup service.

Lower your monthly costs by bundling services together, such as phone and internet, or cable and internet.

Modems should be approved through your internet provider to assure compatibility.

Numbers that identify your host service on a network are called your DNS or IP number.

Options vary with each provider and each level of their different service packages.

Pay-as-you-go internet services are a good option for internet access when traveling.

Quality of support should be considered in choosing a provider.

Reliability can be an issue with some internet service providers.

Satellite television providers, often provide internet connection services as well.

T-1 lines are often used by businesses for their internet access.

Upload speeds with most internet providers will be slower than download speeds.

Virtual ISPs are internet service providers that resell internet service provided by wholesale providers.

Wifi connections are easy to access for free in many restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

X-rated websites can be blocked by parental control software.

Your location can limit which internet services are available for you to choose from.

Zip files are often used to condense large program files so that they can be downloaded faster.

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