How to hack Windows Password Using Ophcrack

Ever wanted to login to your friends/schools computer  which is password protected or  you’ve lost your Windows password and you've logged out of your computer. If you are in one of these situations you can use Ophcrack to hack/recover your passwords  .In this tutorial i will Explain how to hack windows password using Ophcrack

Things we Need :-

1. Ophcrack Live cd or Flash drive .You can download it from Here 
Note :-If u don't know how to make Ophcrack Live CD /Usb  you can have look at my previous Tutorial from Here   

Procedure :-

1. First plug in your Ophcrack Live cd/usb .Now restart your computer and go to boot menu by  pressing ( f12 or del key ) now select your booting device as CD/USB accordingly

2. Now You will be presented with the Ophcrack LiveCD menu. Leave the default selected and hit enter on your keyboard (or just wait 5 seconds for it to automatically boot).

3. Slax, the version of Linux that is packaged with Ophcrack, will start up

4. Ophcrack will start on its own, and the passwords for each of your Windows users will be cracked and displayed on screen.

5. Write down the passwords, remove the CD from your CD/Usb  and restart your computer. Now you can log in to Windows .

By  this way we are able to hack/recover windows Password  .I hope you liked the post if you have any doubts please be free to comment

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It even simple when using linux ..
check this -


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