Hacking Router Passwords Using a Dictionary Attack

In one of my previous post i wrote about the Basics of Password cracking  In this tutorial i will teach you how you can  crack  Router passwords by using a dictionary attack  .

What is a Dictionary Attack ?

An attack that tries all  the phrases or words in a dictionary, trying to crack a password or key .A dictionary password cracker simply takes a list of dictionary words, and one at a time encrypts them to see if they encrypt to the one way hash from the system. If the hashes are equal, the password is considered cracked, and the word tried from the dictionary list is the password.

Can I make my Own Dictionary for Cracking ?

Yes you can make your own dictionary .There are plenty of world list generators which creates different types of words you can store the words generated by  the word list generator according to your needs  in a note pad and create  your own dictionary try googling them

What are the tools used for a Dictionary attack ?

There are many tools used for a dictionary attack you can refer my post on  Different Password Cracking Tools   But in this tutorial i will teach you how to crack router passwords using  Hydra  you can download the latest version of hydra from Here

Hacking Router  Passwords Using a Dictionary Attack

I will be using hydra which is installed in backtrack if you don't have Backtrack .Its ok you can do the same  by installing  Hydra - windows version
For HQ version click Here

Disadvantages of  a Dictionary attack

The password should be there in the dictionary your using or this attack will fail
so always use a good dictionary for this attack . Logs will be created on PC or the router
your hacking so always use a proxy . If you don't know  How to use a proxy click Here

I hope you like this tutorial . If you have any doubts please be free to comment

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ya yur knowledge really helps me but i wna ask u that in the colleges the clients can hack the college server please show some light on this topic


i need some help to to crack this here can anyone help me? 97d3c942499b66395e0ee1e452a39960 if you do this i will be thankful


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