How to Trace IP address from Emails

In my previous post i explained how to hack a ip address  In todays post i will Explain  how one can trace ip address from emails Headers
If you deal with Computer Security and Penetration testing , you must be knowing the importance on IP address . To perform any kind of penetration testing or hacking you first need to know the IP address . Here I am going to discuss how to obtain IP address from Gmail , Yahoo and Hotmail .


Open the mail you have received from your friend and click on the down arrow to the

 right of the reply button. Now click on Show Original.

 You will get to see the complete headers of the mail from which you have to find 
the IP from which this mail   was sent. Mostly in case of a static IP, the IP is
shown as in the figure

Right click on the received mail and select 'view message source'


You will get the complete message with source. This is how the originating IP looks in hotmail

Open the mail and at the right bottom of the mail, click on 'Full headers'

 Again over here you will get to see the IP in the same format as in hotmail and gmail, shown above.

Hope this information help you ,If you have any doubts please be free to comment

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i never see the originating ip in the source emails

Raj said on November 18, 2011 at 8:19 AM :

hi gmail ip tracing dont work everytime you get ip of gmail server tried many times


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