How To Find Vulnarable Websites ?

In my previous post i explained some common techniques used for hacking a website.In this post i will be explaining some common techniques used by hackers to find vulnerable websites

How To Find Vulnerable Websites ?

Google hacking :-
Google hacking is the term used when a hacker tries to find exploitable targets and sensitive data by using search engines. The Google Hacking Database (GHDB) is a database of queries that identify sensitive data. Although Google blocks some of the better known Google hacking queries, nothing stops a hacker from crawling any site and launching the Google Hacking Database queries directly onto the crawled content.

Update:- To learn google hacking you can download  
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Web Vulnerability Scanners:
A vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to assess computers, computer systems, networks or applications for weaknesses. There are a number of types of vulnerability scanners available today, distinguished from one another by a focus on particular targets. While functionality varies between different types of vulnerability scanners, they share a common, core purpose of enumerating the vulnerabilities present in one or more targets. Vulnerability scanners are a core technology component of vulnerability management.

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